Bosch dishwasher water tap error

It is easy to understand why a dishwasher does not gain water: after running the program, nothing happens. You can hear only an embarrassing noise behind the door. The E3 error code signals about another problem related to the water gaining.

The main cause of this problem is the breakage of water level sensor and the inlet valve. Speaking about structure, Bosch dishwashers are very similar to dishwasher. Therefore, the malfunction of the water level sensor or the filling valve can cause some problems with water gaining and dishes washing.

What has been broken? Can it be repaired?
A filling valve Replacement is required.
A water level sensor Replacement is required.

A water level sensor is out of order

water level sensor (pressure switch) dishwashers Bosch

The water level sensor is a small (2×2 cm in size) but a significant device, located under the protective cover of the dishwasher. It controls not only the amount of water but also regulates the amount of water supply. Thus, it performs some functions of the electronic controller.

The malfunction of the aqua sensor can be caused by a short circuit, increased water hardness and mechanical damage during transport.

The sensor repair is impossible, only a replacement will help. This is even better because a new original spare part always gives more guarantee to function properly.

Replacement of the water level sensor on dishwashers Bosch

The filling valve does not work

water supply valve dishwashers Bosch

The fill valve (also called the water supply valve) acts as a channel lock. It opens when necessary, and then water enters the machine. When it is not necessary, it closes and prevents water entering.

The water supply valve may not work due to a power contact that has been disconnected, or due to a configuration error. The last one occurs due to a power failure. For example, there is a low or high voltage.

In addition, fill valve can be broken due to a short circuit when the fuse and then the power capacitor are burnt out. The valve is not subject to repair, as well as the water level sensor. Only a complete replacement will solve the problem.

Replacement of the water supply valve on dishwashers Bosch

Other reasons related to the water gaining problem

There are many other reasons related to this problem. We made a list by its popularity:

  • There is no water in the pipes. The faucet is blocked (sometimes it happens).
  • The valve “aqua stope” is defective. There is a leak.
  • The control module is out of order. System error on the PCB.
  • The distribution sensor is broken.