Bosch dishwasher e19 error code

Many websites determine this error as “Incorrect operation of the circulation pump. His electric winding is damaged.”

Bosch dishwasher e19 error codes

But in most cases, in practice, the e19 error of the Bosch dishwasher indicates that the recirculation valve in the heat exchanger is out of order.  It is also called a drain valve. And if you face this error, you should start checking the elements of the Bosch dishwasher and especially pay attention to the recirculation valve. To do this, you have to remove the detail and check the loop.

The heat-exchange unit is considered to be a patented technology from Bosch. It is installed behind the left wall of the cleaning chamber. The product provides the supply of cold water inside it during the washing process. Due to heat exchange with hot water streams, it heats up. Then the water is spent on washing between the program stages. This eliminates the temperature shock and saves energy consumption.

How to replace the drain valve of the heat-exchange unit

recirculation valve in the heat exchanger

If during verification it turns out that it is necessary to replace the drain valve, then in this situation it is supposed to pre-drain all the water or assemble it by any other method. It is important to note that for the conventional dismantling of the heat exchanger, there is no need to remove the drain valve.

The dismantling process takes place in two stages:

  1. The valve is scrolled clockwise.
  2. When the limit is reached, it is necessary to perform the extraction from the heat exchanger. For this purpose, the valve is pulled “on itself”.

How to remove the recirculation valve