Bosch dishwasher error code E24

The E24 code displayed by a Bosch dishwasher may be confusing. So it is important to make out what this error code E 24 means.

Bosch dishwasher error e24

What does e24 mean on bosch dishwasher

The E24 code in the BOSCH dishwasher indicates a draining problem. Evidence demonstrates that the reasons vary greatly.

Bosch dishwasher troubleshooting e24:

  • the faulty sensors;
  • the drain pump malfunctioning;
  • the failed electronic control system;
  • the simple clogs;
  • a kink in the drain hoses etc.

A common recommendation is to simply clean the clogs out of the system or straighten the hose. Still, it’s not always that easy!

Bosch super silence e24, bosch silence plus 44 dba e24, bosch silence plus 50 dba e24 – on any model this error means one and the same, the problem with the discharge of water.

The causes of the E24 code displayed

It is hard to believe in a kink in the hose because the Bosch dishwasher is usually placed on a flat surface and fixed. So it is unlikely that something can make the hose bent.

Another important point is the time the E24 error code appears on the display. The Bosch dishwasher E24 code almost always pops up at the beginning of the washing cycle. In this case, the dishwasher lacks time to get the water, so it is not the draining system that fails.

In some cases, the E 24 error code can combine with the other one – E22, which indicates clogs in the filters. They can alternate with each other on the display. You should pay attention to it because the clog is likely to cause a malfunction, and it will affect bosch dishwasher not draining e24

How to fix the Bosch dishwasher E24 error code

As soon as the E24 error occurs, we advise you to check the drain system for the possible clogs. Experts recommend the following actions:

Checking the drain hose

  1. checking the drain hose;

cleaning the drain filter placed on the unit bottom

  1. cleaning the drain filter located at the bottom of the appliance;
  2. removing any solid pieces of debris from under the pump gear etc.

These actions are part of the preventive maintenance of the dishwasher. The BOSCH dishwasher has a plastic plug under the filter. You need to remove it to get to the parts.

Experts recommend checking the drain hose and drain pipe joint for clogs. You may need to use a special brush to clean the clog.

How to get rid of the clog in the Bosch dishwasher pump

How to eliminate the blockage of the Bosch dishwasher pump

In some more serious cases, the clog in the pump causes the malfunction. It happens over time and, as a result, the pump just won’t drain any water. Then you can see the E24 error code on the dishwasher display. In this case, you will need to disassemble your dishwasher.

The steps of the troubleshooting work are as follows:

  • turn over the dishwasher to reach the pump at the bottom;
  • remove the side and the back panels;
  • remove the bottom panel of the appliance carefully, unscrew the lower front panel of the housing;
  • be sure to pay attention to all the fasteners and holders to get to the internal elements of the dishwasher.

The above-described procedures will allow you to get directly to the drain pump. It is an aggregate with special outputs, to which the nozzles are connected. The pump has to be accurately turned and pulled to the side. There is a heating element in the plastic body. Of course, all procedures of this type should be performed only with the wires and sensors disconnected.

Before such procedures make sure you have disconnected the wires and the sensors.

The pump impeller of the BOSCH dishwasher may get hair and other various debris after a long period of operation. They rarely become the main cause of the malfunction. Still, they complicate the operation of the pump. You’d better clean everything beforehand. You need to pull out the shaft of the impeller to ease this work. If you did everything right, bosch dishwasher e24 error message disappears

E24 Error Tips

The experience of the users of BOSCH dishwashers: how to get rid of the E24 error code

Evidence and real experience of the users of BOSCH dishwashers have shown that the methods mentioned above are not universal.

Next, I will give you my recommendations based on the analysis of many forums and personal experience.

Well, in some cases, the actual pump won’t work properly. You need to check the rotors, rotating impellers, and other parts. Perhaps you need to lubricate the moving parts, and this will fix the issue.

Sometimes the following actions help:

  • turn on the dishwasher;
  • wait for 1-2 minutes (the pump will be running during this time);
  • then you will hear the click indicating the filling process;
  • open the door just in 30 seconds.

You need to catch the moment. If so, you’ll avoid the BOSCH dishwasher E24 error code. After that, you can close the door to continue the washing cycles. Due to this, some users assume it is not the draining problem, but the faulty door lock.

According to some users, if you try the method, the dishwasher will work fine, but you cannot run it in such a way every day. After such a diagnosis of the E24 error code, some have troubleshot the problem. They have replaced the magnet in the door locking sensor. Perhaps it works, although, frankly speaking, I’m having doubts about this method. After all, the E24 on bosch dishwasher should indicate the drain system problem, not the door failure.

Have you cleaned all the drain system, but it won’t help? Have you cleaned out the dishwasher filters and vacuumed everything with the wet and dry vacuum cleaner? No result as well? Have they advised you to replace the pump? Do not rush to try it! There is a way to eliminate the E24 code in the Bosch dishwasher.

How to get rid of error E24

Here it is:

  • you need to open the right panel of the housing and remove the seal;
  • you will see a plastic container under the seal. There are tubes at the bottom of the container (see the photo). It is the tubes that may be clogged. Their design is similar to a siphon, so they keep debris;
  • Can you disconnect the branch pipes with little effort? It depends on the model of the Bosch dishwasher. If yes, remove and clean them with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. While cleaning, pour some water into the drain hose.

As a result, you avoid the pump replacement and the dishwasher repair and save a lot of money, and on bosch dishwasher e24 error message disappears 🙂

If you have tried all the methods, but nothing helps, you need to check the controller. It may fail to identify the signals. In this case, you’d better consult a specialist.

Bosch dishwasher e24 error fix