Bosch dishwasher error code E24

Bosch dishwasher error code E24 is a code that appears when there is an error in the drain. A common solution to solve the issue is cleaning the clogs or straightening the hose. No matter which Bosch dishwasher you have, E24 indicates an issue of water drain. What does the company say about this? Well, according to the manufacturer, E24 occurs because of clogging of drain hose or when it’s bent. You just have to clean the drain hose and straighten it. But the reviews contradict this. According to the users of Bosch dishwashers, the error didn’t appear because of clogging.

Bosch dishwasher error e24

If you think it over, they might be right too. The hose cannot bend on its own because the device is in an upright position plus, you don’t touch the hose. Majority of the users say that problem occurs at the beginning of washing about 2 minutes after turning on the dishwasher. The device does not have enough time to gather water. So, it is a bit troublesome to believe that the instructions determine the cause of E24 error as the malfunctioning of the drain water system.

Checking the drain hose

Here is our take on the E24 error and what could possibly be the reasons behind it:

  • Malfunction of the drain pump
  • Failure of one of the multiple sensors. It is important that you find out the faulty one.
  • An error in the software filling of the control unit.

Simple Steps for De-clogging the dishwasher

As far as the cleaning process of the drain pump is concerned, it is not much of an issue. You just need to do it on a daily basis. It is quite easy to remove the filter which is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. Use a rope brush to clean the drain hose. You can also remove the plastic plug, which you might find under the filter. This lets you access the cogwheel of the drain pump. You could have a look at it and remove any kind of bits and pieces of leftover foods, fruit seeds, etc.

Here are some simple ways:

  • Check the rotors and the rotating impellers along with other parts if the pump is not working properly. These parts might need lubrication.
  • Try turning on the device and wait for 1-2 minutes. When you hear the sound of filling, open the door for 30 seconds.
  • What you have to do is gran the right minute. If you succeed, you might be able to avoid the message E24. Then you can close the door and continue with your work. As many people have avoided the error by doing this, many users believe that it is not always a draining problem. A faulty door lock can cause it too.
  • Users report that the machine works just fine, but you cannot possibly run your dishwasher in this manner every single day. It might have worked for some but isn’t the case always. A large number of people highly doubt that this could be the perfect solution to the error code E24 as the manufacturer, Bosch itself informs that such an error occurs because of a problem in the drain system, not the door failure.
  • It is quite possible that the dishwasher pump gets clogged and leads to stopping the drain water. The E24 error code then appears on the screen. Maybe a thread or a hair stuck to the impeller. You will have to remove that too.

Fixing Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E24 in detail

cleaning the drain filter placed on the unit bottom

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can fix this error. The above mentioned are some random tips from the users:

So let’s begin without further ado:

  1. The first thing that you need to check is the drain system. That is one of the most common reasons behind it. See that the valves are in place and the filters are not plugged.
  2. The bottom of your tub on the sidewall is occupied by the check valve. This tends to be normally in white color. If those two things seem to be in order, it is time to check the drain hose. See that it is not clogged or kinked.
  3. Next is the drain pump’s turn. Do you hear a humming sound when you press the cancel button? If there is no sound, then you have to check the power of the drain pump. Maybe it’s because of insufficient power the error E24 is appearing. See the power of the drain pump is 120V.
  4. If all the items in the drain system are working in top-notch condition and you are still getting the error code E24, the problem could be more than the drain. For this, you need to remove the dishwasher from the cabinet where it is installed.
  5. After you have successfully removed the dishwasher from the cabinet it was fixed in, after no other tip seemed to have helped you, get to the main control which is located on the lower right side. Open the right panel and remove the sealing as well.
  6. See that the breaker is turned off to the dishwasher or else it could lead to some other problem.
  7. Now you would see six wires. Three grey ones and three black ones. Remove the connector attached to both of them. Remember, you are looking at 89 Ohms on the grey wire which goes directly to the drain pump. 14 Ohms, across the black wires, travel to the circulation pump. If both of these things check out, replace the main control.
  8. Along with that, when you see a plastic container inside, you would see tubes at the bottom. These tubes could be clogged with some sort of debris. And their design is rather similar to a siphon. They have a habit of keeping debris.
  9. If you are successfully able to detach branch pipes without any effort, clean up after washing up.

Many additional components and accessories that are out of order can be purchased on the official website of Bosch. But if you need a new pump, then you can buy it on Amazon or

If you ever encounter such an error, you know what to do now!

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