Bosch dishwasher error code e15

E15 error code on the Bosch dishwasher informs a user that the leakage protection has worked. This means that water has got into the machine tray or the float has stuck (a special switch that activates the protection system). If activated the anti-flood switch, then the control board receives a signal to turn on the pump for pumping water from the bunker. Then the dishwasher turns off.

Bosch dishwasher error code e15

The reasons for the water flow can be the following:

  1. The leakage sensor is defective.
  2. Blockage of the drainage system (filter, hose, sewage).
  3. Nozzles are worn out or have poor pressurization.
  4. There is a defect in the water sprinkler.

The manufacturer of the Bosch technology itself gives very little information on the description of the E15 error code, and suggesting it is better to call a specialist. This error has the same meaning on almost all types of dishwashers, such as (Вosch silence plus 44 dba, slimline, classixx, serie 4, exxcel, super silence, lifestyle automatic, logixx, etc.)

How to fix error code e15

People who have faced with such a mistake offer to perform the following action: the kitchen appliance must be disconnected from the electrical network and tilted at the angle of 45º.

Blocked leakage protection (reset E15)

These simple actions help to eliminate the sticking of the anti-flood switch in the tray. You have to drain water from the tray by tilting the device and then dry it. Usually, one day is enough to dry out well. After such manipulation with the machine, as a rule, the error E15 disappears, and the device continues to work as expected. If the error reappears, you have to correct a more serious fault.

In order to detect the cause of water leakage, carefully inspect the details of the dishwasher. On the details of the device should not be damaged, and other visual defects causing leakage.

How does the leakage protection system work in a device Bosch

Dishwasher tank

Very rarely a leak occurs when a tank is bursting in a dishwasher. This may occur if the machine has served a very long time, or there has been a manufacturing defect.

Leakage sensor

The cases when the e15 error Bosch dishwasher means the malfunction of the leakage sensor or sprinkler is extremely rare. If the sensor has malfunctioned, it can operate even when there is no water in the tray. Also, sometimes it does not turn on when the breakage occurs.

Therefore, it is necessary to change it. The sensor is located on a plastic cup at the bottom of the device.


Sometimes it happens that the pressure of the water when fed into the tank machine splits the plastic sprinkler. As a result, the water flows into the pan, then the protection is triggered.

Many additional components and accessories that are out of order can be purchased on the official website of Bosch.

Conclusion: When the error code E15 appears on the Bosch dishwasher, you should look for the cause of the water leaking into the tray. This may be a rupture of one of the hoses, poor connection of parts of the device. Do not continue to use the dishwasher until the cause of the leakage has been eliminated.