Bosch dishwasher error code e23

As any other problem, the E23 error code appears suddenly. A user comes up only with a universal solution: turn on and off the dishwasher. Actually, it helps and the error disappears. But after a few minutes, the code occurs again. Why does the error appear?

Bosch dishwasher error code e23

Why does an error code appear?

  1. The machine can not discharge the used water. Consider this reason as a root one.
  2. Water enters the pallet and, as a result, the Aquastop system triggers. This is an additional reason, identified by the Bosch self-diagnosis system as the E14 error.

It happens that Bosch dishwasher shows the E14, E18, E23 errors in turn after each reboot. This directly indicates that there is water in a tray.

  1. Malfunction of the dishwasher control board. This is a universal reason. Because of a faulty board, the diagnostic system also fails. In fact, it can show any error listed in the database.

It is very difficult to diagnose faulty electronics at home. If there is a malfunction, specialists recommend contacting an authorized Bosch Service Center.

Water in the pan

It is not difficult to determine the presence of water in the Bosch dishwasher pan. Disconnect the equipment from all communications and then pull it out into space. Before that, put something on the floor under the device body. Next, tilt it to the right side. A strong roll on the side will cause water leakage from the pan if there is one.

If you drained a lot of water from the drip tray, one of the hoses or nozzles has lost its integrity and began to leak. How to eliminate this breakdown? You have to remove the pallet to check the dishwasher details that can get damaged. To begin with, carefully inspect the barely visible seams inside the washing chamber. Sometimes, due to a factory fault, a low-quality seam starts to leak water. It flows from the chamber straight into the pan.

Next, look at how well the garbage filter is installed. Often after its cleaning the user puts the part in place without proper fixation. From this, the water, bypassing the sealant, begins to flow into the pan. Also, it is necessary to inspect the sealing rubber around the door. Pay a particular attention to the lower part. A worn out seal can cause a small amount of water to either pour down onto the floor or drain into a pallet. It depends on the Bosch dishwasher model. If you don’t detect the leak after inspection of external parts, then the problem lies inside. So, it is necessary to remove the pallet.

  1. dismantling the front of the dishwasher Bosch
    First, dismantle the front panel of the door and the decorative panel from under the door.
  2. Close the door, remove the door closers along with the protection of the hinges. Next, open the door fully.
  3. Remove soundproofing. Under it on the outer part of the pallet, you can find screws. They connect the pallet to the main body of the dishwasher. Remove them.
  4. Remove the garbage filter along with the mesh, cleaning out all the dirt from there.
  5. The lower sprinkler can also prevent disassembly, so remove it.
  6. dismantling inside the dishwasher Bosch
    In the niche of the garbage filter find 4 screws, which you have to remove, too.
  7. Put the appliance on the back wall.
  8. We remove all the details connecting the pallet with the main body. It includes wires, hoses, nozzles, and anything that can prevent the pallet from pulling.
  9. Gradually pull the pallet, separating it from the main body.
  10. Carefully inspect the pipes, hoses, and its connections with other details. Replace the damaged connection. Specialists don’t recommend to wrap it with electrical tape or pour sealant.

Water draining problem

How to replace the pump dishwasher Bosch

Water draining problems can be caused by a burnt out pump, damaged wiring or contacts feeding the drain pump. Also, there can be control board malfunction.

Disassemble the Bosch dishwasher as described above. The drain pump is located on the side of the circulation unit. Turn it half turn counterclockwise and remove. Do not forget to disconnect the wires before. Test the pump with a multimeter and, if necessary, change it to a new one. If the problem is in the supply wire, you can find it using a multimeter.

It is true that the E23 error in the Bosch dishwasher creates many problems. However, the caused malfunctions are not too difficult to fix.