Bosch dishwasher error code e22

In the majority of cases, an e22 error code of the Bosch dishwasher appears before the end of a washing program.

Bosch dishwasher error code e22

When an error occurs

In 5-7 minutes before finishing, the machine first pauses a program or program cycle, and then goes down and gives the e22 error.

Sometimes after the Bosch dishwasher is turned off and then it is turned on again, it can resume the normal operation, but after 2-3 programs, the device goes down again. So the display shows the error again. Sometimes the situation is different.

In the majority of cases, an e22 error code of the Bosch dishwasher appears before the end of the washing program.

  1. The system error e22 of the Bosch dishwasher appears at the beginning or in the middle of a program.
  2. A user, trying to solve the problem himself, turns off the kitchen appliance, waits for a while, then turns on it and starts the runs a program again.
  3. The machine starts to wash the dishes, but in 10-15 minutes it goes down and gives out another e24 system error.
  4. If you restart the Bosch dishwasher repeatedly, these two system errors can appear alternately or the e22 error only.

Important! Do not turn off the Bosch dishwasher many times. This can lead to the breakage of the control unit, and its repair is quite expensive.

The reason for the appearance? What does it mean?

According to the data recorded in the instructions of several Bosch dishwashers models, the error e22 stands for “clogged or littered filters”. This means that the food remnants that have been washed off the plates, have hammered the filter mesh at the dishwasher bottom, or got into the dustbin and prevent the normal water drainage. As a rule, this is the main problem. A user reads an instruction, pulls out baskets for dishes, checks the mesh and finds out that it is clean. Having twisted the filter, the device’s owner finds no dirt there, too.

Cleaning the filter

The fact of the error embarrasses all users. Actually, the e22 error code means clogging, but filters are clean – so what’s wrong with a dishwasher? Approximately in half of the cases, we have to get into the device deeper to find the dirt accumulated in the bowels.

If the e22 and e24 error alternate, the reason can be more complicated. In about 20% of cases, specialists indicate that this happens if the drain hose is clogged, but more often, a similar error generates a problem with the pump. Bosch dishwashers have a much weaker pump than dishwashers. However, you will spend a lot of time trying to understand where is the breakage in your dishwasher.

The e22 and e24 error, which paralyze the operation of the Bosch dishwasher, can be caused by a thread or a piece of green onion that has stuck between the impeller and the pump bushing. The reason is simple, and you can fix the problem in ten minutes unless you know how to do it.

How to remove

In fact, there are a lot of reasons for the e22 error appearance. The failure can be removed without getting deeper into the device. There are some tips which will definitely help you:

  • First, turn off the kitchen appliance from the mains and shut off the water tap.
  • Open the door and take out the baskets for dishes and cutlery trays.
  • Remove the plastic sprinkler placed at the bottom.
  • Unscrew the dustbin and clean it.
  • Remove the filter-mesh and clean it.
  • Unscrew the fixing bolts and pull out the nozzle. You need to check it for blockages, too.
  • Turn the dishwasher upside down, unscrew the plastic tray holders and start pulling the pallet with the units upward.
  • There is a large plastic unit with outlet for the nozzles in the middle of the pallet. A heating element has to be checked, too.
  • The pump is installed on the heating block. Unscrew it and remove the wires.
  • Check the impeller rotations and get rid of any foreign objects on it. If the rotation of the impeller processes are troubled, it is necessary to remove the rotor and check it.Cleaning the dishwasher filter
  • Install the pump back, and then check the drain hose for a blockage.
  • After that, the dishwasher can be assembled. If you clean all the above-described items, the e22 error will disappear.

To summarize, removing the reason for the error e22 Bosch dishwasher is not difficult. It is much more complicated to identify the problem properly. But do not get upset, even in the worst case you will be able to cope with the problem without calling a specialist.