Bosch dishwasher troubleshooting

The German quality of household appliances is undeniable. However, sometimes such a quality units broke for some reason. Many home masters successfully provide self-repair of Bosch dishwashers. The most important thing is to correctly determine the failure cause and eliminate all its consequences.

Bosch dishwasher troubleshooting

Potential technology diseases

Some users call the service centers even with the simplest troubles. As a rule, such users absolutely don’t understand the complexities of household appliances. Actually, they can solve many problems by themselves:

  • water does not enter the unit;
  • water is not drained;
  • the device fails when turned on.

In the above cases, you can try to revive the technique by yourself. First check that the water tap is open, and test closing density of the door. Next, inspect the outlet as it might cause the malfunction. Water problems relate to clogging of filters or joints in the drain system. If everything is fine there, you need a specialist to diagnose all the nodes.

Aquastop has triggered

Got E15 error code on the device’s display? This code signals that there is a leak somewhere, so the water intake has stopped. And it is quite a common “disease” of this brand dishwashers. Nevertheless, a user can easily solve the issue. Disconnect it from the mains, then gently tilt the body of the unit to drain the water from the pan. The sensor float will return to its original position.

If the E15 error code occurs, gently move the appliance in different directions. In many cases, it makes the failed float return to its original state. Accordingly, the code will disappear from the display.

The second common “sore” is the gaskets at the junction of the filler hose with the unit’s system and the water pipe. If a user installs these parts incorrectly, the water will leak. So when setting the machine, thoroughly read the instructions.

The dishwasher does not turn on

First of all, suspicion falls on the power button mechanism. Although it is designed for 1 million inclusions, it can fail due to weak contacts. If the home master knows how to handle a multimeter, there is nothing to deal with. Check a loop on the contact groups to make sure they are working properly.

It is worth checking the power cable and sockets. Sometimes the Bosch repair begins precisely with these things. If everything is alright, then you need to test the control module. But you can’t cope with this task at home. So, you need a master from a service center, who will dismantle the necessary part and test it in the laboratory.

Device doesn’t start after launching

Modern models report the malfunction code, and the user has to find out its cause. Such system is quite convenient. It remains only to repair the dishwasher, focusing on the verdict issued by the device. But malfunctions of thermostats, sensors, circulation pump, and control system can break your plans.

Water in nos gained and drained

One reason we have analyzed in detail: it relates to the Aquastop system. The second cause is filter clogging. Users can easily cope with its cleaning even without special knowledge of technology. For this, unscrew the hose of the filling valve, carefully pull out the strainer and wash it under running water.

The fill valve located behind the filter can also break, but you can’t repair it. The only way is to replace the failed element with a new one. Try to find a video of installing the part on the Internet, there are a lot of them.

Sometimes this happens: water enters the unit, but the machine hangs on the rinse mode. In this case, there are only three reasons:

  1. The drain filter clogging – you can solve it on your own.
  2. There is drain hose twisting.
  3. The pump needs repair or replacement.

In the first case, everything is simple. The coarse strainer is located at the bottom of the working chamber (tank). You will see a fine filter element, placed next to it. Removing and cleaning will take no more than 10 minutes.

You can find out the condition of the hose by looking at behind the device and visually determining its situation. If everything is normal, it is not the cause of the problem. To get to the pump, you have to disassemble almost the entire appliance, since it is located at the very bottom. In addition, you have to turn the dishwasher upside down. Typical pump faults relate to clogging with foreign objects. Therefore, the plastic impeller often breaks or rotates on the axis due to the blockage by a foreign object.

Important! Replacing the pump refers to the rather complicated dishwasher repair works. So, evaluate your capabilities before you start disassembling the equipment.

Before replacing the drain pump, it is better to check a loop on the supply voltage of the wire. It allows making sure of their integrity. If you find a defect or break, then replace it, but observe the value of the section.

Bad quality of washing dishes

Quite often, users complain about poor-quality dishwashing. In many cases, the reason lies in the fact that a user set an incorrect mode of operation. Also, the failure can refer to clogging of nozzles or other annoying breakages.

The entire calculation of the quality of washing is based on the injectors of the rocker arms. Sometimes, the flow rate exceeds 150 km / h. Thus, due to the strong pressure, these basic elements of the working zone rotate and knead all the dirt and food debris from the dishes with elastic jets.

The main reasons for the weak pressure include:

  • clogged holes on the rocker arms;
  • a coarse or fine filter is clogged. Because of this, the correct amount of water does not return to the tank to ensure a normal pressure;
  • the temporary wear out of the circulation pump impeller. So it cannot guarantee normal pressure;
  • small engine speed due to the wear out of bearings and their beating.

It is not difficult for any user to clean the nozzles on the rocker arms. It does not require physical strength. On the contrary, it is better not to apply it when removing a fragile item. Wash the openings with running water. If there are any foreign inclusions, gently remove it with a toothpick.

Housekeeping tip! The more food residues you remove from the plates before putting them in the baskets, the less filters and nozzle openings become jammed. Thus, you will forget about urgent repairs.

Extraneous noise

Sometimes users complain about the appearance of extraneous noise when home appliances operate. Once you face such problem, turn off the dishwasher and start troubleshooting. Otherwise, the appliance repair will cost money.

In this case, the search algorithm is as following:

  • the reason can be in the bearings of the circulation pump. The water leaked through the oil seals causing all the unpleasant consequences. Sometimes a user has to replace a pump;
  • the drain pump may also generate extraneous sounds in case of impeller overloading or breakage;
  • rocker arms and their fastening system, although such malfunction is very rare.

There are no other sources of extraneous sound in the dishwasher.

No water heating

Specialists in the Bosch dishwashers repair often face such problems. But an average user without specific knowledge and skills can’t cope with this.

First of all, it is necessary to work with a multimeter in different modes, in particular, an ohmmeter.

You have to check the serviceability of the heating element. Its resistance should not exceed several tens of Ohms. If the figures are bigger, you can accurately confirm the presence of a break. You need to change the heater. The thermostat is also subject to testing, like all wiring that supplies current to the heater. The absence of current indicates that it is necessary to check a loop on the corresponding outputs from the control unit. If there are none of it, then the problem refers to the module. Specialist calling is inevitable, the home master will not help in this case.

No dishes drying

If the machine is equipped with a condensation-type dryer, check the rinse aid. It strongly affects the drying quality of the dishes, causing excess water to drain to the bottom of the tank. Drying occurs naturally and there’s nothing to break.

In some modes, it does not work, so before boiling over, re-read the instructions. Turbo Drying has a more complicated system. It consists of a heater, through which the fan pumps hot air into the working compartment. Therefore a user should check both elements.

Before this, test the wiring for integrity and the electronic module for signal output. Repair of both elements is not complicated. The first one you can replace because the heating elements are not repaired. And the other one requires disassembling and further analysis.

Current leakage

When the machine gets electrocuted, it is extremely dangerous for all the people living in an apartment. It is the first signal that there is a broken insulation of the wiring somewhere inside or a malfunction of the heating device. Therefore, there is a short out to the body. So, you need a thorough check of the entire electrical system.  We have already written how to check a loop on the element. Along with this, check all the wiring and other electrical components in the same way.

Dishwasher hangs up

After loading dirty dishes the device does not start water gaining or even hangs up and does not respond to pressing. How to repair the equipment:

  1. Check the door lock. Perhaps the hole in which the latch of the lock enters has clogged. Try to clean it.
  2. With frequent use, the “Start” button could damage. Try to disassemble the control panel and return the button to its place.
  3. The most serious malfunction is the control module. Only the master will be able to carry out its diagnostics and high-quality repair.

When the dishwasher is closed normally, but the wash cycle does not start, the level sensor could break. You can’t repair it, only a complete replacement will help.

The repair of Bosch dishwashers will cost users much less if they do it independently. Call of a specialist of the service center is quite expensive.

According to the statistics, Bosch appliances are at the top of the world in terms of repair costs. Besides, spare parts are very expensive, too. Doing all the repair works by yourself, you can save a decent amount of money. It is better to spend on more pleasant things in your life.