The electronic unit replacement in Bosch dishwashers

What to do if a user can’t start the dishwasher properly? For some reason, the device doesn’t respond to the actions and programs running. Don’t ignore such faults as this is a sewere breakdown, directly related to the electronic unit.

Signs of the failed electronic unit

Why is an electronic unit installed in the dishwasher? Its primary purpose is to manage the remaining components of the structure. Due to the instructions of the electronic unit, the machine starts and ends various processes. For example, it is responsible for washing dishes, switches between washing, rinsing and drying modes, collects and drains water, etc. Some parts of the unit could wear out. Besides, it could get damaged as a result of improper operation, frequent voltage drops in the power supply network, etc.

Thus, you should immediately diagnose the malfunction even if you don’t detect any external problems, but the device doesn’t execute commands entirely or partially.

How to replace the electronic control unit

Electronic components of the dishwasher or any other technology are the most difficult ones to repair. In most cases, the recovery of the electronic unit is impossible. The only way to solve the problem is to install a new part. For repair work, you need tools to unscrew the bolts and fixing screws. Speaking about the parts, choose only a new, serviceable electronic unit.

How to replace the part:

  1. When doing any repairs, it is first necessary to check whether the appliance is connected to the power supply network. Having made sure that everything is safe, get free access to the electronic unit location.
  2. Most often, the unit is located in the lower part of the body. There you can find the majority of the functional elements of the dishwasher. The electronic unit looks like a small box.
  3. Take a picture of the unit to remember how to connect all the wiring. Then, disconnect the unit.
  4. Insert a new part and, following the instruction, attach the wires and fasteners.
  5. Assemble the dishwasher and test it for performance.

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