Rinser valve replacement in Bosch dishwasher

Have you noticed that the dishwasher doesn’t perform its functions efficiently? Do you see stains or other defects on the tableware after washing? You should investigate the source of the problem. A faulty rinser valve relates to the list of the malfunctions, so don’t ignore it.

Rinse valve replacement in Bosch dishwasher

Valve functions and signs of its inoperability

Many housewives, buying a rinser for dishwasher, regret not having used it before. Its primary purpose is to improve the quality of washing dishes. Besides, the rinser makes the tableware sparkling. It makes a characteristic creaking sound. The rinser gets into the chamber along with tableware due to the work of a particular valve. This part opens the compartment, which contains the rinser. If the device fails, the feed doesn’t occur. As a result, the contents of the dishwasher is not efficiently cleaned. The lack of gloss and the presence of stains and water are the main signs of this malfunction.

How to replace the valve?

To perform this procedure, you don’t need any special tools. Just take a suitable screwdriver so that you can partially disassemble the dishwasher body. Speaking about the new parts, you only need to buy a new solenoid valve.

The sequence of repair works:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the power and water supply.
  2. To begin replacing the solenoid valve, get access to it. You can find the item located next to the detergent aid dispenser and, accordingly, near the compartment with detergent.
  3. Get rid of the top cover of the device, removing all the bolts.
  4. You can find a soundproof layer under the cover. Remove it.
  5. Having found the rinser valve, thoroughly study the features of its connection to the machine. Besides, take a picture in order not to confuse assembling later.
  6. Disconnect the part and remove it from the housing. Then, install the new valve by connecting all the wires.
  7. Assemble the dishwasher.

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