How to replace the hose in Bosch dishwasher

Having identified the drain hose malfunction in a dishwasher, you can replace the damaged part yourself. This structural element is beyond repair. So, you have to get a new hose suitable for a dishwasher model.

Replace hose Bosch dishwasher

Signs of a hose malfunction in Bosch dishwasher

When the drain hose fails, the device immediately notifies the dishwasher user in various ways. The main symptoms of a faulty hose are puddles of water under the dishwasher and other leaks. Besides, because of a broken hose, water may remain inside the unit even after the washing process completion. Therefore, the E24 code appears on the Bosch dishwasher display. Less often, users come up with the E21 code. All these symptoms indicate a breakdown and the need to replace the hose.

During the dishwasher operation, the hose gradually wears out. Also, it can bend over and get cracks, fractures, and other damage. It is essential to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Hose replacement process

The repair process begins with the detachment of the base panel. You will find the pump filter behind it. To perform the replacement, you need a screwdriver for bolts removing and round pliers. Of course, buy a new drain hose.

Repair sequence:

  1. Having removed the base panel, you first need to unscrew the filter and drain the water remaining inside the device.
  2. For comfortable work, tilt the body of the dishwasher and fix it in this position.
  3. Get rid of the screws with which the “snail” is attached, and remove this part.
  4. Using round pliers, loosen the hose clamp. Then, disconnect the drain hose from the drain system and remove it.
  5. Connect the new part on the same principle. Next, assemble the dishwasher in the reverse order.
  6. Check all connections for sealing. Having finished, test the performance of the home appliance.

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