How to replace pressure switch in Bosch dishwashers

Notice any faults appearing in a dishwasher? Don’t leave the problem unsolved. The sooner you find the source of the failure, the better it will be for both the device and its owner. Moreover, you can try to identify and fix the problem on your own.

How to determine that the pressure switch is out of order?

The pressure switch is one of the essential components in dishwashers. It is a special kind of sensor, designed to measure the amount of water in the home appliance chamber. Receiving information about the water level, the pressure switch transmits it to the control module. Then, the device provides an analysis and determination of the required volume of water for each procedure (washing, rinsing, etc.) At the same time, E16, E03 or E05 code appears on the Bosch dishwasher display.

What happens if the sensor is out of order?

When the pressure switch doesn’t measure water, the control module doesn’t receive information about its amount. The dishwasher doesn’t collect water in the chamber. Accordingly, the process of washing dishes doesn’t start. In other words, the appliance doesn’t fulfill its functions, and the plates remain dirty. If after the start of the machine, the characteristic sound of water is missing, and nothing happens, the pressure switch requires replacing.

How to replace water sensor in Bosch dishwashers?

Like most dishwasher components, the pressure switch is installed at the case bottom. To repair household appliances, you need a screwdriver and a new sensor.

The sequence of actions:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher from the mains. Also, check that it is disconnected from the water supply system.
  2. In the next step, you need to secure access to the water level sensor. To do this, you can put the device on its side or flip it completely (bottom up).
  3. If the model of the dishwasher is equipped with a bottom cover, detach it from the case (unscrew all mounting screws).
  4. Now you have access to the sensor. Remove the part by disconnecting the wires and other fastening systems.
  5. Install the new part in the same way.
  6. Assemble the dishwasher and start it for inspection.

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