How to replace heating element in Bosch dishwasher

What to do if dishes after washing remain wet and covered with debris? Probably, the dishes were washed in cold water. The reason for this is the heating element problems in a dishwasher. You can fix a malfunction yourself.

Replace heating element Bosch dishwasher

Symptoms of heating element failure in Bosch dishwasher

TEN is part of a dishwasher, responsible for water heating. Depending on the set of household appliances, a dishwasher with a faulty heater can wash dishes in cold water. In some cases, the device refuses to perform its functions at all. To clearly determine that the breakdown relates to the heating element, open the machine after washing. With the working part, the parts inside, dishes, and the outlet will be warm. Also, you can indicate the fault by poorly washed dishes and the E09 or E01 on display.

How to replace the heating element?

The number of tools and materials needed for repair is minimal. You need a new heater, a screwdriver for loosening the screws, and a tester. Dishwasher repair always begins with disassembling. So, the very first step is removing covers and panels.

Guide on how to replace the heating element:

  1. In this case, you need to get access to the lower part of the body. There you will find the heating element of your dishwasher. To do this, turn the appliance upside down and remove the panel.
  2. The heating element is located at the bottom of the device chamber (upside down – at the top).
  3. The unit with the element is output through the bottom along with the contacts. It is necessary to disconnect all wires leading to the heating element. Then, measure its resistance.
  4. The presence of conductivity testifies to the normal functioning of the heating element. If it is missing, then the heating element is faulty. You have to replace it.
  5. Disconnect the part by removing the bolts or screws. Take out the heating element from a dishwasher case.
  6. Install the new element in the same way, fastening all the screws and attaching the wires.
  7. Check the performance of the heating element, previously assembled a dishwasher completely.

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