Control board replacement in Bosch dishwasher

What if a dishwasher no longer responds to your actions? What if it doesn’t perform its direct functions? Are some or all modes of operation unavailable? Most likely, the reason for such behavior of the device relates to the control board.

Control board replacement in Bosch dishwasher

Signs of a failed board

Why is there a board installed in the dishwasher? What happens when it breaks down? So, this is a particular device, also called a control module. It monitors the performance and functionality of the dishwasher. Due to the board’s commands, the equipment starts, switches between operating modes, the temperature is heated, and so on.  All dishwasher components receive information about the current state of the machine. Then, they transfer it to the control board. And at this stage, the device performs data analysis and various operations.

When the board fails, further operation of the dishwasher becomes impossible. It happens even if some programs are working correctly. A broken board (burnt out, worn out, etc.) doesn’t give signals to the remaining functional components of the machine. As a result, the pump doesn’t pump or drain water. So, heating elements don’t heat it, and drying doesn’t work. Similar symptoms separately state the breakdown of other parts. But the totality of these faults may mean only one thing – the control board has failed.

How to replace the board?

Repair begins with disconnecting the machine from the network. Also, prepare tools (screwdrivers, pliers) and a new part – the control board.

  1. The electronic board is located in the upper part of the dishwasher case. Remove the top and back covers by unscrewing the bolts and rubber rivets.
  2. Move back the hoses, wires and other parts that block the path to the board.
  3. You can find the board in a particular unit (most often a white box). So, disconnect the box from the appliance body by getting rid of the wires and fasteners. Remember the installation scheme.
  4. Take the board out of the box.
  5. Install a new module in the unit by connecting it to all the wiring.
  6. Put the box in place, attach the wires of the dishwasher as they were installed before.
  7. Put hoses and other elements on top of the unit.
  8. Assemble the dishwasher case.

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