Bosch dishwasher doesn`t work

The tendency to malfunction is inherent in any mechanism, and a dishwasher is no exception. The components of a household appliance cannot last forever. With time, they gradually wear out, which is facilitated by the violation of operating conditions. If the dishwasher doesn’t work, you need to find the cause of the breakdown.

Bosch dishwasher doesn`t work

Signs of malfunction

What is the meaning of “the machine does not work” statement? In fact, it indicates that after connecting the device cable to an electrical outlet and pressing the power button, the dishwasher starts. However, the launch of programs and the washing process don’t give any results. The dishwasher doesn’t respond to user actions. In this case, there is no doubt that the wiring is in good condition.

Sources of faults and ways to eliminate them

The complexity of the repair lies in a large number of factors that may cause the device to fail. To return the device to a working state, you may need a screwdriver for loosening the screws. Also, take pliers and a tester. Of course, don’t forget new parts including a control board, a water pump, a motor, a door lock, etc. The set of parts depends on the source of the breakdown).

The process of checking and repairing the dishwasher:

  1. Low voltage, while the display shows the E27 code. If the appliance lights are on and there is at least some kind of response, then the device is connected to the power grid, cables, wiring, etc. So, everything is in order.
  2. Check the water supply system as the valve may be blocked or broken. Also, check flow sensor. It is also possible that the inlet pressure is too high. In this case, the dishwasher can respond to the problems with the E17 code. There is often a leak in the Bosch dishwasher, while the water intake is blocked. Along with that, the display shows the E15 code. If there are problems with the flow switch, the display will demonstrate the E04 code.
  3. Make sure that you close the door of the device as tightly as possible. Also, make sure that there is no door lock damage. So, the washing will not start until the door is locked. Replace the lock if necessary.
  4. Check motor and pump for water supply. If the motor produces a hum, but the device doesn’t start, there might be clogging. The same goes for the pump. If the problem relates to it, then the display shows the E21 code. In case of malfunction, replace the parts or clean them.
  5. The last source of the problem is the electronic control module. Burning out, it doesn’t control the functionality of the device. So, the electronic control module doesn’t send signals to start. The failure part is subject to replacement.

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