Bosch dishwasher doesn`t heat up water

Washing dishes in cold water doesn’t make sense. The point is that most of the stains, as well as the layer of fat, will not disappear. If you notice that the dishwasher doesn’t work as usual, you should look for its reason. The lack of heating is one of the causes.

Bosch dishwasher doesn`t heat up water-min

How to determine that water in a dishwasher doesn’t heat up?

A large number of signs indicate the absence of heating. First of all, the dishes after washing remain entirely or partially dirty. There are no so familiar creaking of clean plates. Besides, even if there is a drying function, the dishes remain wet. And the last factor is that with proper operation, the dishes and the internal chamber of the device retain heat for a while. Bosch dishwashers with a screen demonstrate the E09 , E01, or E11 code.

Causes of failure

Before proceeding to the inspection of household appliances and troubleshooting, do the next. Any repair starts from disconnecting the device from the power supply and water supply systems.

Both minor and severe problems may cause the malfunction:

  1. There is an incorrect connection of the dishwasher. Using the instructions, make sure that the device is installed correctly. This procedure is required if you are running the dishwasher for the first time.
  2. Check if the washing mode is selected correctly.
  3. Clean the filter for clogging with food debris and small litter. Because of that, there is not enough water in the chamber. So, the heating element doesn’t receive a start signal.
  4. The heating element of a dishwasher has burnt. This detail requires careful handling. Note that the part quickly collapses under the influence of scale. When the operational life of the element comes to an end, install a new heating element.
  5. When the thermostat breaks, the control board doesn’t receive information about the water temperature. Accordingly, the dishwasher doesn’t work correctly. You need to replace the part.
  6. The control board is responsible for all processes in the dishwasher. The only solution is to replace the unit. Otherwise, the operation of the device is impossible.

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