Bosch dishwasher doesn’t drain water

The problem with draining water from the dishwasher is one of the most common ones. Most often, the washing process begins and continues as usual. But when it comes to draining water from the chamber, the device stops or makes weird sounds. The device display shows E24 or E21 code.

Bosch dishwasher doesn’t drain water

Characteristic signs of breakage when draining water

If there are problems with the drain, the dishwasher doesn’t complete the wash cycle. At the same time, water remains inside the chamber. It is even possible that it contains detergent. The device can completely stop working, but users can often hear a buzz, clicks and other sounds.

Causes and troubleshooting

The easy-to-fix faults are the following:

  1. There is the drain hose bending. Water can’t leave the machine chamber if the drain hose is clamped or twisted. You need to straighten the hose and restart the drain mode.
  2. A filter has clogged. In case of an improper using, food debris gets into the filter. This element is installed at the bottom of the device. By removing the debris from the filter, you restore the operability of the dishwasher.
  3. A drain system has clogged. You have to disconnect the hose from the sewer, lower it into any container and start the drain mode. Does water flow out slowly or not at all? The blockage is located in the hose. Otherwise, the problem is at the junction of the hose and sewer. To solve the problem, rinse the contaminated area.
  4. A drain pump has clogged. So, unscrew the fasteners holding the pump. Then, remove the blockages, try turning the impeller with a suitable object.

Severe problems requiring parts replacement:

  1. The drain pump has broken. The element, responsible for water draining can burn out. Respectively, the device can’t pump out water of the chamber. The fault requires replacement.
  2. There is water level sensor failure (the E04 or E14 code). The function of the pressure switch is to measure the amount of water in the chamber. Also, it sends data to the control module. Replace the pressure switch in the case of a failure.
  3. A control module has failed. This component of the dishwasher controls all processes, including the discharge of water. To restore the device work, you need to install a new module.

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