Bosch dishwasher doesn`t clean dishes

If after the dishes washing you find that it remains as dirty as before, or only partially cleaned, you should think about repairing the household appliance. Such situation states about inoperability of the appliance.

Bosch dishwasher doesn`t clean dishes

How to understand the cause of the fault?

There are several indications that report dishwasher malfunctioning. First, there is no difference between the dishes before and after washing. All stains remain in place. Secondly, even minor problems require attention. Thus, having noticed any defects, barely noticeable specks, etc., do not delay troubleshooting. The sooner you detect the malfunction, the easier and cheaper you will eliminate it.

However, don’t neglect the rules of operation of the dishwasher. Each manufacturer insists on the removal of food debris and dried spots from dishes surface. Otherwise, they will remain on it even after washing in the appliance.

Breakage elimination

Start repair works with disconnecting the dishwasher from the network and water supply. A set of tools and spare parts depend on the nature of the breakdown. Generally, specialists need screwdrivers, pliers, tester and parts (pump, circuit board, heating element, thermal sensor, etc.)

  1. Bosch dishwasher heater is out of order
    Contaminants may remain on the dishes if the device uses cold water for washing. It relates to the heating element failure. So, if the heater is out of order, you need to replace it with a new part. In this case, the E09 error code may appear on the Bosch dishwasher display.
  2. Bosch dishwasher temperature sensor failure
    The temperature of the water doesn’t rise due to the failure of the temperature sensor, which measures it. The sensor is beyond repair. Only replacement will solve the problem. Bosch dishwasher display may show E02 or E11 error code.
  3. Bosch dishwasher Pump failure
    Pump failure is another possible cause. It pumps water into the chamber. So, if it doesn’t happen, the wash doesn’t start. Therefore, you need to replace the pump.
  4. Detergent won’t get into the chamber. So, it is impossible to wash the dishes only with hot water. The problem may relate to the valve that supplies detergent. If it breaks, replace the part (How to replace Rinser valve in Bosch dishwasher).
  5. The water inside the chamber can splash out poorly due to a broken impeller. It needs replacing. In rare cases, this problem may occur due to the water flow sensor. Thus, the display shows the E04 code.
  6. Expensive models are equipped with a turbidity sensor. If the water is dirty, the dishes are still dirty. When the sensor breaks, the control module doesn’t receive this data and finishes the washing procedure.
  7. The program module is faulty. To solve the problem, replace the board.

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